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July 24, 2013
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Octavia by DarkFlame75 Octavia by DarkFlame75
the classy pone
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This reminds me of a previous work from this artist. The style, technique, and design of this piece are similar to one titled "Rainbow Dash Painting." If you haven't seen it, I suggest you visit this artist's gallery. In the description, he stated that it was a "quick speedpaint," which surprised me upon looking at the design and detail given to the portrait. And, honestly, looking back and upon this one I am left wanting more.

I believe I can sum up all the things that would make this piece a favorite: detail. The design of both the overall portrait and Octavia herself are very similar to the "Rainbow Dash" I critiqued. Why does the old one, which features the full character of Rainbow, have more detail than this one which only has her face. If you're going to limit yourself to only a character's face, I figure there should be a suitable amount of detail. I've seen this artist give much more detail in the past (peruse his gallery and call me a liar) and I believe a shot like this deserves more that what was given.

Just a couple of examples; there is something I think should be eyelashes over her eye. In fact, the whole eye looks like it was done in a rush. The hair is simply boring, with one or two lines here or a curl over the forehead there.
And where "Rainbow Dash" was dramatic and engaging, the only thing I get from this is "simple."

HOWEVER, that's not to say it is ugly or a waste of time. The artist did a good job on the character design and I can tell that there was definitely effort put into this. It almost looks like the artist was experimenting with shading, notice the dark marks on her neck and light marks on the mane. I feel it would have made a cool effect, if a little more time had been put into it.

I'm glad I viewed it. But looking back on some of the artist's previous works I have to say, it's not one of my favorites. It's as I said, it left me wanting more.
I know this artist can deliver, I've seen him do it!

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This makes me want to hug her, so it must be good.
It always sucks when your pudding cup falls on the ground.
Octy has a sad? :( (Sad) 
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