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December 10, 2012
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Never Forgotten by DarkFlame75 Never Forgotten by DarkFlame75
Done in today's livestream. (Halfway)

This is a remake/follow-up to

The idea is that Celestia married young, possibly not knowing she was immortal. Eventually, her prince died, and she buried him alone on a hill. She resolved to never submit herself to that anguish again. This scene takes place some centuries later.

Drawfriend #2 this time! [link]

Got an awesome critique from :iconcosmicunicorn:

Completion Time: ~7 hours
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I must say that the picture is excellent, speaks for itself and has great details. Only she has the legs a little long and very thin, is my only detail, but above all else: The lights, the background and everything else, it's amazing. Excellent work, I must say.
Another thing, it would be great that this same design could be more than that of trstesa Nostalgia and loneliness, it is for me, a little more tragic the fact that you know you had it and lost it, for me that's the nostalgia. If you wanted to see in this picture, it's fine for me.
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Oh good lord, this is the first time that I have done a critic, so this is probably not going to be that great. I will give it my best shot though.

Lets starts on the positive shall we? For one thing you background with the stars feels very realistic. They glow just as real stars were glow and it is a well fitting background. The shading is also pretty good here. The shading mostly goes where it is supposed to which is a very good thing. The overall mood is well done as well as the majority of the shines on the rocks. The water looks rather good as well. In fact, my part of my critique that may be negative are just nitpicks, but they are nitpicks i feel I should note for your benefit.

Parts of it feels kind of sketchy and the rocks don't seem to feel as hard as they need to feel due to being well, rocks. The tree also needs so work due to it not looking like bark of any kind on it. Also, as show in the past with some MLP episodes, the magic does indeed glow, so there needs to be some magic glow on some of the parts that do not have them. As I said, I am nitpicking. Oh and the bush could look a bit more bushy and not as rushed.

Overall this is a vast improvement from the last and it is a very fitting update to the last drawing. I has the mood and the light to show how many mixed emotions are going through Princess Celestia's head and the fact that it made me think for a second is very good. I would be proud of the result that this drawing came out with.
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SkrillexxFH May 10, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Cool ! :D (The blue things in the background look like eyes of ender o_O)
Wilczurx Mar 14, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Amazing work
ssumppg Feb 10, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
:tears: :cling:
I have to ask how you did the lighting and shading. I'm an aspiring author, and that watercolor design is wonderful. You use any special software, or just Photoshop and hand drawings?
DarkFlame75 Jan 31, 2013  Student General Artist
Hm that's an interesting question that's hard to answer. The only thing I can concretely say is that I used Paint Tool SAI at the time, but I use Photoshop CS6 now. Beyond that, the way I did the lighting is really just my own personal understanding I've developed in just over a year of art. There's not really any way to put it into words (Short of a full book about the subject). It's all experience and practice.
Any tips are appreciated, so thanks for replying. Shading is a bit of a pain for me, but I seem to have taken up a Sonic Riders style, very strong shading when something isn't in the light.

Gonna keep trying though, hopefully I'll have some kind of avatar to show off my work. May save up for Photoshop as well, using Photoshop Elements at the moment.
DarkFlame75 Jan 31, 2013  Student General Artist
If you'd ever like critique or input, I'm always ready and willing (Sometimes I'm a bit busy, but I'll get to you)
Just shoot me a PM if you want me to.
Will do, thanks!
ijustloveit619 Dec 18, 2012  Student Digital Artist
H0ly crap that is a lot of improvement from the last one 0_0
This idea was something I was thinking about where I have a Earth Pony character falls in love with Princess Celestia but he doesn't at first know she is over 1500 years old. He mistakes her for being only a year or two older then him. But he finds out he starts trying to think of ways to try to live forever so that he doesn't break her heart when he dies of old age.
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